post 56. reflect. my tide gallery,lets see this one more time

This is my last post. My last post for Mr.Tide, and I can not really believe it. It was a semester long project and it seemed so long, but in one moment time just speed up so fast that I do not even know how it happened that I am already here, on the end.
In the previous two “reflect” posts I described more extensively how I worked with Tide, and what I did , and how I pursued my project, and what kind of emotions I was going through during realization of the project.
I would like to emphasized that it was truly interesting but demanding experience, however very creative and developing and it has changed me.
For the purpose of my last post, I created the gallery of Tide.I included there almost all crafts I made in order to accomplish this project. I looked at them and It was great to see that all together. I look at these all drawings and ideas , and I just felt great. I did it all myself. I know that not all my post are perfect but I really tried create something what had meaning to me. Also, I had a lot of fun sometimes, for example, when I was taking pictures for shopoholic post and I was wearing the mask in the store. It was so much fun , I did laugh really heard. All people from the detergent alley just disappeared, because they did not know what was going on there.It so much fun!
Today, when I stand in front of this Tide collection I feel happy, but a little sad in the same time. A little tear is circulating in my eye, I know I will miss Mr. Tide, he is a part of my life now, and I will miss the all adventures we went through together.

post 55. reflect.all story how I run through this marathon

I have really hard time recall any other project or school related experience, like project 54. My professor Scott and Will emphasized in class that this is not just the project, this is a marathon.And yes,after my experiences with Mr.Tide and with all adventures I had with him, yes,I must admit it is truly a marathon. You just run, you do it or not, you get involved or not.They are only two choices, otherwise you stay to far behind. I can not even count hours I spend during this semester thinking about Tide,or taking notes about him or crafting with him. At first, I did not really understood the idea, I was thinking more about Tide products, then about the brand.But I was doing my posts, better or worst, and I think I understood it better then, but I happened when I got really involved.It is like the feeling of the marathon spirt, it give you extraordinary power, even if you are very tired.
I have to say that I went thought all kinds of emotions during the realization of this project. I was interested but not so involved first, then I stayed a little behind so I tried to catch up , and I then I got frustrated and stressed out.I did not want to do it anymore,but then I forced my self , and I believed that I can do it.Then, I did few good posts so I liked it , and when I catch up on all my posts I really liked it.I got emotionally involved, and I got happy about my project and my ideas.I saw the progress, and I realized that I understand project more.then The finish line started to approaching and I still had to run to finish strong but I got so tired.But I still was trying to run. And now when it is almost over, I feel sad, because I really started to like Mr. Tide.
He was with me this all time, this all semester.Some of my friends were asking me , “What are you doing in this school? What is it about that you walk around with this Tide? Do not you have any other assignments at school but Tide?
And yes, these were very common questions.My family and friends, never really understood what it was about , and they called Tide girl, because Tide was everywhere with me. Maybe not always physically but always in my mind.I had many ideas I had not executed. I really liked to do the photos and artistic stuff but writing about my ideas was much harder to me. I actually, started a little later add the descriptive part.It was on the level, when I started to think about brand more , then about products. I started to craft the stories, some of them very unrealistic, but I was trying to think that I am Tide or that talks to me or he answer. I was trying to be little creature Tide, or the observer.But it took me some time to start think that way. Sometimes I just started to write the story and I just included Tide spontaneously while I was crafting the story.
I took this class not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I was not really aware how it will go and how I will manage it.I think that I was more braver then really prepared for that. However, I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of this long and such fascinating and interesting marathon. I think that my perspective has changed , I think that I look at the things from much more creative side now.I believe, this class made me braver and showed me that I can do things, I would not even know that I could do. It help me to understand what the box is , and made me braver to open this box and start to think outside of the box.
Overall, again, it was great experience to me, and it is all about to end. I am almost on the finish line of this marathon, and the implication of this hard effort will stay in my heart forever.

post 54. reflect. my notes about tide I created during the process

So the time come, when this all I have been doing related to the project about Tide is approaching to the end.
Now, is time for me to organize everything and start to think how much effort I put into the project.Therefore, I got this idea to organize and collect all notes,thoughts,and all of ideas I have ever put on the paper and take a photo of them. So I find and organize all notes I could find and I went through them and I realized that some of them never get to life. And it happened, because lack of time or they did not fit exactly like I wanted them to fit. Or I just forgot about them before I made them real. And then this movie we all have seen in class come to my mind. The movie about idea and idea modification. And I saw in my imagination like this all unused ideas, poor little white things, just walked away, because they never come to life, they never had a chance.
So I was sitting today and organizing my all notes, and reflecting about Tide.I could not find everything but most of them I did. I actually used pencil and paper a lot, I created a lot of notes, brainstormings,seven minutes writing,and mind maps.I Realized that sometimes I even wrote or draw something about Tide during the different classes, it was so funny to see that now, little pictures or notes, I have not even used,because I just forgot that I made them. I collect all as a reminder of my hard work.And as reminder of all effort, I put into project about Tide.
It was extremely interesting, but challenging experience, and also very different from anything what I did so far at VCU.

post 53. extra post. Andrew’s love life <3


How Andrew can improve his love life?
So, during the semester we had the opportunity know one of our classmates, and we had opportunity to know him very more than any body else, because he updated us about his love life almost every class.
And the problem was that he had some difficulties to find himself a girlfriend.So following Professor Scott request we all creating different advices for Andrew.
So how Andrew may improve his love life? Well, he can do it many ways, for example he can redecorate his room in red and pink. Add some sensual colors and new objects, like heart shape pillows,some nice smelling candles,that will really attract girls when they come to see him and they see such a cute room. Girls like nice surroundings and nice, nice decoration. Perhaps, adding pink sheets and red curtness could help :)
Definitely, he must pay attention to the bathroom when he invites girls over, this is very important, it must be clean!!! and piles of dirt laundry sitting around are not acceptable neither!!!

post 52. empathy.tide and his “go green” behavior

This was the last day for Tide, bottle was empty. He has been thrown away into regular trash can, empty Tide bottle into regular trash can. He felt so uncomfortable there, we could not believe his owner, just like that , throw him away in to regular trash can.He suppose to be thrown away in to green recycle bin. He wanted to be there because his plastic bottle is recyclable. He was screaming and asking to be put in to the right bin. He was screaming for justice. However no one hear him. He got very up-sad , he did not want to be in the place where he was. Since no one was there to help him, he decided to jump out of the wrong trash bin and jump in into the green recyclable bin. He was climbing up and up and just passing regular trash items,and finally he got on the top. He climbed a little higher and finally he saw green bin. Now, it was a challenging step ahead of him, he had to jump to reach his destination. He pull up all his power , and faith that he can do it , and..and he jump! He almost got there , but it was a few inches to short. He felt down on the ground . But he did not give up, Tide was fighting strong. He actually climbed again, he climbed on the wall of the bin in order to get there, and to feel that this is the right place for him. And with this all effort he finally got there , he was in the recycle bin!
Tide told his story to all boxes and other plastic bottles that were laying in the recycle bin.And,they absolutely admired him for this great action he made. He said: “I was made that way,I was made to be recycled, and I just wanted to be in the right place”.
Also, he has been understanding the feelings of planet Earth, she has been covering constantly and every day by tons of the trash, any kind : paper, bottles and cans. And he understood that planet Earth has been suffering and that trash overload makes her feel very sad.Therefore, if he can help her and do something for her to make her happier and healthier he absolutely wants to.He wants to support “go green” behavior.

post 51. empathy. tide in the time capsule

Time Capsule
On day, Tide decided to discover and find out a little bit more about his family tree and family from the past.He decided to get into the time machine and fly back to 50’s to meet and to talk to them. He wanted to know how his relatives from 50’s looked like and how they behaved. He wanted to know how they treated dirty clothes and how easy they made the laundry to be. He decided to do this research and this exploration.Thus, he just jump into the time machine he already build and fly way to 50’s.He just wanted to see and understand how people did the laundry the the 50’s.He was so curious, ad he knew that when he will go there he will be able to understand them better. He was very excited.Finally, he arrived there.And then, he got a little surprised the find out that his family fro 50’s was not so big and extended as he thought it will be.It was only his grandfather to meet.He was tall and white and had a powder structure, and he was talking from the box.Tide, found out very quickly that,powder tide grandfather was very white any full of bleach.Tide grandfather told him a lot of stories,for example, what temperatures he liked the best, what kind of washing machine he liked the best, and how people actually used him. He said that he had been living in the household where is a lot of kids so he had been very, very busy, because laundry has been done every day. He said the actually only one person who had been using was the lady of the house.She was not working and she was taking care about whole household. He lives in the comfortable box and every time when he was needed he was ready to jump out and be ready to work.
Tide was very happy that he had the opportunity to travel in time in the time capsule and see how his gran gran grandfather did his job.Tide was very surprised that it was actually only one member of the family to meet. Yes, t was only one,only gran , gran grandfather powder!However Tide was very happy that they could chat with him even tor a while. He was happy that he had an opportunity to meet him, and had a chance to get familiar with the past.Understanding the conditions and environment where lived his grandfather helped Tide to understand feelings of his gran gran grandfather much better.

post 50. empathy. very tired tide

Tide spent the last night searching and doing the research on the internet. He was sitting and reading and writing through the whole night. He had a feeling that he actually absorbed whole knowledge from the internet. He have learned about biology and geography,economy and politics, and finally about poetry. He got familiar with modern philosophers, like: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz,Locke, Barkley ,Hume, and Kant. He find them extremely fascinating and inspiring.
Because he absorbed whole knowledge from the internet, he was very, very tired. He was so tired that he could not move.He was just sitting , still in front of his computer, because he was to tired to fall asleep.
Then the lady Tide come and she asked him to take fuzzy ball, Tide’s doggy, for a morning walk. But Tide was unable to do this. He explained her that he can not walk fuzzy ball today, because he absorbed whole knowledge from the internet about modern philosophy, and he is unable to do or to go anywhere, and he jest needs some rest.
Tide lady was not really happy to hear that, she was actually very mad that she has to take their fuzzy ball for a walk this morning. However,after the while she understood his feelings and she took their doggy for a walk.